About Letters from Lisa

Meet Lisa!

Lisa is a graduate student studying speech-language pathology. She started Letters from Lisa on May 17, 2020. Lisa loves sending and receiving snail mail and knows the power that an encouraging note can have on someone. As someone living with mental illness, Lisa knows how to empathize with those going through mental and emotional turmoil. She decided to create Letters from Lisa to help brighten peoples' days and send some love and encouragement to those who need it. She created Letters from Lisa during the Pandemic because she knew that so many people were struggling with isolation and loneliness.

Lisa loves mail so much that she also writes notes and is the treasurer for Not Alone Notes, a nonprofit that sends notes to people with OCD and related disorders. When she is not writing letters, she also volunteers with OCD NJ, an affiliate of the IOCDF. Lisa also is the co-founder of Humans of OCD, a platform where people can share their real OCD stories and experiences.

When she isn't being a mental health advocate, Lisa loves spending time with family and friends, reading, crafting, and riding her bike. Lisa is currently working at an elementary school working with kids in grades K-5 as a speech pathology intern.

You can follow Not Alone Notes @notalonenotes on Instagram and Facebook

You can follow Humans of OCD @humansofocd on Instagram and Facebook