About Letters from Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa!

Hi, I'm Lisa. I am currently a college student who absolutely loves sending and receiving mail! I love to read, ride my bike, and be with my family. I have a passion for helping others and volunteer with many different organizations. As a person with mental illnesses, I know the power of an encouraging note or letter from someone. I want to share encouragement and love and humor and all of the emotions through letters to those who need them. You do not need to be struggling to receive a letter, even those who are not struggling need encouragement and support. These letters can be about anything you want, just fill out the form and I'll get writing.

I love mail.

I love mail. I love sending mail and I love getting mail, I even love going to the post office! I know how special it feels to get a letter. For me, getting the mail is an important part of my day. Though I do not get anything often, when I do, my day is immediately brightened (especially when it isn't a bill or junk mail). The goal of Letters from Lisa is to brighten peoples' days through letters.